Welcome to Yokefellow Prison Ministry

Welcome to Yokefellow Prison Ministry. We are glad you stopped by!

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Returning from Prison?

Weekly meetings Mon, Tue & Thu @ 7:00 p.m.

Become a 2021 Faithful Friend

Woman behind fenceFaithful Friends are donors who commit to supporting Yokefellow Prison Ministry on an ongoing basis by pledging to donate least $10/month (or $120/year) for a calendar year. Call 336-724-9801 or email yokefellowprisonministrync@gmail.com for details.

Proud Member of North Carolina Center for NonprofitsYokefellow Prison Ministry is an interdenominational, racially-diverse Christian ministry of reconciliation begun in 1969 (and incorporated in 1972), which includes both lay and clergy, male and female. It is founded on the idea that people’s lives are changed through committed relationships.

Small group meetingThe ministry is conducted by trained volunteers who lead weekly meetings of small groups inside North Carolina’s correctional institutions. Yokefellow is a ministry of listening, sharing, caring, encouragement and support rather than a ministry just focused on worship, preaching, teaching, counseling, or Bible study. Our Christian volunteers from the “outside” are yoked in fellowship in a way that touches the hearts of those on the “inside” through the weekly small group meetings based on Christian fellowship.



Volunteers gather on Zoom for Yokefellow’s first town hall meeting.


The Biblical foundation of our commitment is the invitation by Christ our Lord in the Gospel of Matthew 11:29-30:

“Take may yoke upon you, and learn from me;
for I am gentle and lowly of heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”


Socially-distanced in-person Aftercare meeting in High Point.


Yokefellows (both “inside” and “outside”) accept and live by the Yokefellow Disciplines of Prayer, Scripture Reading, Worship, Money, Service, Witness and Study, as well as a commitment to the weekly Yokefellow meeting.

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The objectives of Yokefellow Prison Ministry are:

  • Small group meetingTo provide an open and inviting setting for residents of our correctional institutions to examine their lives, talk about their faith and search for direction and purpose with others who are committed to do the same.
  • To offer opportunities for inmates to build relationships with Yokefellow volunteers in the weekly group meetings, thereby lessening their separation from the “outside world” and helping them prepare for a transition back into productive contribution in society.

If you would like a photograph removed in which you appear, please email Vita Alligood at yokefellowprisonministrync@gmail.com, and she will remove the photo.

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