Fundamentals for the Yokefellow Volunteer

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Fundamentals for the Yokefellow Volunteer

About this course

This course will take you through readings and explanations of who we are as a prison ministry and how we are organized and structured both as a formal non-profit organization and as a unique in-prison ministry. Each unit is followed up with questions intended to test your retention of the most important highlights from the different ministry attributes.

Course Structure

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to the Ministry
      • Who we are
      • Video Test
  • History
    • History of Yokefellow Prison Ministry
      • History
      • History Question 1
      • History Question 2
  • Our Objectives
  • Our Methods
  • Our Disciplines
  • Our Organizational Structure
  • At the Heart of the matter
  • More About Our Prisons
  • Let's hear from a volunteer
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